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Buying a puppy advice

Should you buy a puppy in the first place, many questions to ask yourself and your family....more


Where to buy a puppy

Once you have read "Buying Advice", you are now on the trail to finding the puppy of your dreams. There are many sources only too eager to sell you a pedigree puppy, some good, some bad, beware!....more


Puppy training

Telling the owner of a new puppy that it will need training, more often than not, falls on deaf ears. But it is the only way to prevent the misery and sheer hard work caused later on in life by so many badly behaved dogs....more


Breeding a bitch

So you have owned a bitch for some time and have heard the old wives tail "Every bitch should have at least one litter". Is this true?...more


What stud dog to use

The novice breeders challenge is a daunting one. Not only do you have to live in hope that you obtain a trouble free whelping, take out a second mortgage to be able to afford the rearing of six or more hungry puppies, vet prospective buyers to ensure they are the right sort of person and offer the correct environment to take on your beloved pup, but you have to choose the RIGHT stud dog....more


Guide to whelping

Whelping your first bitch is probably one of the most exciting and worrying times of your period connected with dogs. Most owners approach it with trepidation but you have to remember that it is an act which comes naturally to the bitch and in nine times out of ten, she could do quite nicely without your interference, but for safety sake it is best you are there giving her a helping hand....more


Indoor crates

We are often asked if it is fair to confine a Boxer when left alone for a short period or should he be left to have the run of the house?...more


Boxer health issues

ALL breeds of dog can suffer from hereditary or nonhereditary health issues, the importance is that breeders understand all hereditary problems within their breed....more


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